Heritage Service Report

See how your peers feel about Heritage
All students involved in this annual survey have applied to China’s universities through Heritage.

  • 95.12% of them ticked “Very Nice” for Heritage Customer Service Attitude.
  • 69.03% of the students agreed with the option “Heritage helped me solving all the problems in my application”.
  • 71.2% of the students had got the Heritage Guiding Brochures.
  • Among every 3 students, 2 persons believed that Heritage processed their cases rapidly, and 98.19% of the students thought Heritage response speed “Very Fast”.

In general, 94.94% of the students were very satisfied with Heritage University Application Service

Yearly Report

Heritage Education Consultants have been rapidly growing over the years and our student enrollment numbers have also progressively been getting better. This is mainly the result of having more and more universities to work with over the years as this has provided us with multiple options for the students in terms of fields available and university facilities. Progressively acquiring more contracts with various universities allowed us to present more options to the students and in turn providing more students for the universities. Below are the student enrollment numbers for each year since we have begun.



  • Students Enrolled in 2008 : 25 Students
  • Students Enrolled in 2009 : 60 Students
  • Students Enrolled in 2010 : 85 Students
  • Students Enrolled in 2011 : 110 Students
  • Students Enrolled in 2012 : 200 Students
  • Students Enrolled in 2013 : 250 Students
  • Students Enrolled in 2014 : 300 Students
  • Students Enrolled in 2015 : 500 Students
  • Students Enrolled in 2016 : 800 Students
  • Students Enrolled in 2017 : 1200 Students
  • Students Enrolled in 2018 : 1600 Students

We are expecting more than a 2000 students to get enrolled in various universities around China through Heritage Education Consultants by the end of 2018 and our future target is that 2500 students enroll per year leading up to 2020. By having that many students enroll through us, we can ensure that all of our partner universities receive a significant amount of candidates every year for their various programs and from different regions as well.

Student Registration Rates in different regions (2008 – 2018)

  • South Asia: 30%
  • Africa: 28%
  • North America: 6%
  • Mid-West Asia: 10%
  • South America: 8%
  • East Asia: 8%
  • Australia: 5%
  • Europe: 5%