A look at all the awards that Heritage Education Consultants has garnered over the years.

Award for Best Exhibit at the Express Education & Career Expo 2017

The Shield was awarded to Heritage Education Consultants for having the best exhibit on the floor of the 2017 Express Education & Career Expo. We are honored to have received this award. Heritage Education Consultants alone registered more than 200 students for various Universities. Heritage Education Consultants was also the only exhibit representing The Chinese Education System.

Award for Best Exhibit 16th Education Scenario Intl. Exhibition

Heritage Education Consultants received the award for being the best exhibit at the 16th Education Scenario Intl. Exhibition in 4 different cities around the Punjab Province. Performing exceptionally at all four venues Heritage Education Consultants efforts were recognized by the event management and was awarded the shield personally by the authoritative figures of the management.

Best Performance in Student Recruitment for GUET

The award for exceptional performance in student recruitment for Guilin University of Electronic Technology was awarded to our CEO, Dr. Adnan Maqbool personally by the Chinese Officials from the university. Providing more than 150 students to the university for their various programs in just 1 year, our efforts were recognized by the institute and we were awarded the certificate for best performance by external agent. Our relationship with Guilin University of Electronic Technology remains strong to this date and hope to improve it in the future.

UN Certification

This certificate was awarded to Heritage Education Consultants for being a part of the United Nations Global Compact and taking the oath to uphold the ten principals of the UNGC to support the goals of the United Nations. Being a part of the UNGC is a sign of Heritage Education Consultants being in line with the views of the UNGC and having work standards that contribute to making our economy better and employee rights. This link redirects to our page on the UNGC website.