Dr. Adnan Maqbool, who is a former graduate of China is the CEO of the Heritage brand, practicing doctor in Pakistan and a Social Worker. Also having the position of the President of Pakistan Foreign Doctors Association (PFDA) in the Punjab Province, He is known to assist the foreign graduates in acquiring a house jobs and their Doctors Licence. Having an extensive knowledge of Chinese education and culture, Dr. Adnan started this company in hopes of promoting China’s excellent education system in other parts of the world. He has sent more than 5000 students to various universities in China, Europe and Central Asia over the years and continues to excel in the industry. Another honor that Dr. Adnan has is being the Vice Chairman of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) supporters group in Pakistan. This group is working on strengthening the friendship between Pakistan & P.R.China and spreading awareness about the OBOR Initiative of Chinese government. Dr. Adnan has an instrumental role in the success of the Heritage Brand and introduced various Chinese Institutes in countries around the world creating a prominent space for Chinese education in various regions like Africa, Asia, Middle East and Western Regions. With nearly 10 years of experience in domestic and international education sectors, he is more than capable to take this company in a good direction which benefits the company and the universities working with us.