Heritage Education Consultants aim to be the leading consultants in China and Pakistan to help more and more students come to China for learning highly professional degree. We aim to become the leaders of excellence in educational services, making business and education more easy and fruitful. We desire that we are the name that comes to mind of the students who are searching for a way to study in international institutes. Becoming the largest education consultancy is not a small task but we come closer to it everyday and we hope that that goal will be within our reach in the coming years.


Heritage Education Consultants shall continue to deliver high quality and timely education service that effectively address our clients and partner needs and help the world become a peaceful global village. Aiming to become the biggest Education Consultancy, we are working day and night to work with more and more universities around the world and provide students to the universities. Our past record shows our growth over the years and how we improved our selves so that we can become a significant part of the education industry. Expanding our business everyday has been our focus for the past 9 years and we believe that we can be the best in the industry and the first choice for universities old and new. Having a broad set of tools ranging from a vast social media network and offices around the world be come closer to our goal everyday and continue to do so.