Who We Are

Heritage Education Consultants is a reputed brand in the Educational consultancy industry which has been a major contender for over 9 years and continue to grow and expand rapidly. We have been helping students all over the world making them realize them their true potential and giving them the opportunity they need to show off their skills by providing a platform where anyone can apply for top ranked universities of China, weather they are financially impaired or just do not know how to grab an opportunity befitting their skills. We have been awarded with countless honors over the years for our service to the education sector, and continue to make a strong impact all around the world with countless universities on our panel with courses ranging from Medical to Engineering and even Business & Marketing Degrees.
A team of made of highly skilled individuals is always on standby to guide any students that want to realize their dreams of studying in an international institute. Guiding the students to the best course of action by keeping in mind the weakness and strong aspects of the student.

Why Choose Us

Heritage Education has the largest social media network on Facebook along with a prominent presence on other networks such as Instagram and Twitter. Having more than 2 Million followers around the world help us in spreading the word about any new universities or offers that might be available. We also have a long chain of offices around the world including 10 offices in Pakistan, 4 in Bangladesh and various others all over the world including Europe and USA. This large network of online followers and offices allows us to spread awareness of new Universities globally and gather students in an efficient manner.

Group of Companies

Heritage is not just a company, but we are a brand consisting of different companies under the banner of Heritage. Another part of us is E-Web Giants, an IT Solutions company that is the base of our online standing which includes our websites, social media network and Google advertisements. As with the modern times everyone has to adapt new techniques for promoting and managing a business and that Is the function E-Web Giants perform as they are constantly creating new business plans to improve our standing in the digital world, with a separate team making business plans considering the offline aspect of the business giving us a head start in both domains.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly skilled individuals and are split amongst teams each required to perform and exceed a specific task. The student counselling team consisting of 9 members is always on standby ready to help any students who require them and guide them to the best course of action as per their skills. A team of Web Developers who are always working on making all of our websites better, faster and secure. Along with the planning team that make up the business plans for the company and decide our course of action, all teams work together to make the work process efficient and smooth.

Globally Known Organization

From the very beginning we have believed that our brand should be known for the quality services we provide and how we can build trust with the clients. Being on the forefront of all our business plans and dealings, our first focus is to establish a relation with the client for which the base is trust. Having been certified by various universities around China and registered with the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), here is a link where you can verify our UNGC certification. We believe that our clients are looking for surety and certainty which we can provide without and obstacles.